Resourceful Human Project

From the Stoics, the Fatimids, to Jewish Scholars, to Inventors to philosophers athletes to designers; this map draws on the rich heritage of humanity to help create Resourceful Humans.

About Rahim Sajan

Rahim’s adventurous career includes teaching in remote First Nation’s communities, the richer suburbs of this province, the streets of Calgary and even a brief stint in East Africa.

Rahim is the past Curator of TEDxCalgary (2009-Jan 2015) , and Co-Founder of an upstart startup with big dreams. He calls this part of his engagement his “real world masters degree”.

As a teacher he is an active part of the largest enterprise that much of humanity is actively involved in: Education.He is on a mission to figure out how we can better educate people for an uncertain future.

As Curator of TEDxCalgary for the past 5 years he made it his mission to rejuvenate the role of civil society in Calgary, by convening people around ideas that matter.

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